Trending Crypto Coin/ Currency :-

Crypto Currency is a digital currency . It consist of binary data. These currency are buy and sells on internet. These currency not contains any real coin.Some of trending crypto currency are below.These currency are known as Coins.

The most top Crypto currencies are Following:-

  1. Bit Coin
  2. Ethereum
  3. Cardano
  4. XPR
  5. Lite Coin

1. Bit Coin Trending :-

Bitcoin is a type of digital crypto currency . It is a virtual company . Its price is not constant. It varies day by day. Bit Coin is the king of all crypto currency. Bit Coin is released in 2008 . It is the oldest crypto currency. Bit Coin Now Days rounds 50 k dollar to 55 k Dollar . Invsestors are investing on Bitcoin .

2. Ethereum Trending :-

Ethereum is the second trending and profitable crypto currency on internet. It price now days varies to 35 to 36 k USD. Ethereum is on second number biggest Captilization after the bitcoin.It is a risky to invest money on ehtereum.

3. Cardano :-


Cardano is not a Worthy Crypto Currency . It is estimated that investor of this coin will double their money in one year. Cardano will Touch 5 dollar in next 2 years . Now cardano ada price is wondering around 2 to 2.5 dollar.

4. XPR Coin :-

XPR trending

This coin is invented in 2012 by company named as “Open Coin”. This coin is now facing very low price .Its price is 85% lower then actual price. Its price is around 0.014$ and its highest price is 0.10$ . It is estimated it will be 1 dollar after 5 Years. Invest on this coin to get good earning.

5. Lite Coin :-

Lite Coin is the most wonderful digital currency. I like this coin personally and the reason for liking this coin is price variation. Price of this coin is 170 to 180 dollar.Thanks for reading our article.

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